#ENDViolence in schools

Don’t let violence be an everyday lesson.

A boy at school in El Salvador

No one should be afraid to go to school. Yet for many students around the world, school is a dangerous place.

Violence in schools – from bullying to sexual harassment and corporal punishment – is sadly common enough to feel inevitable. But it’s not. It’s preventable. And we can all do something about it.

Young people speak out

We asked young people about their experiences with violence in and around schools – and what they feel needs to be done to stop it. The response was overwhelming:
  • More than a million young people responded.
  • From 160 countries.
  • 2 in 3 said they’ve worried about violence in and around schools.
  • Tens of thousands shared their experiences and provided ideas on what young people, parents, teachers and governments can do to help make schools safer.
The result was the #ENDviolence Youth Manifesto, which was presented to ministers at the Education World Forum in January 2019.

Violence in schools


Fast facts

For millions of students around the world, the school environment is not a safe space to study and grow.

What you can do

Violence in schools can have serious long-term consequences on children’s lives, their futures and the future of the communities where they live.

365体育娱乐官网Students are often targeted because of who they are or where they’re from. Far too many students around the world have been worried and afraid of violence for too long, but together we can change the situation.

365体育娱乐官网If you are a student, parent or teacher, take action to demand safe environments where children and young people can feel safe at school, in their community and online.

365体育娱乐官网Classroom by classroom, school by school, country by country, we can #ENDviolence in schools.



For students


For parents and teachers