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We look to collaborate with an interdisciplinary group of people working across industries, countries and cultures.

School Girls in Timor-Leste

Recognizing that the world’s biggest challenges will not be solved by one organization, group of people or country, UNICEF Innovation takes an interdisciplinary approach, working across industries, countries, and cultures.

UNICEF works to create new partnership structures that can narrow the gap between technologies (and practices) and the people we need to reach. Our partners apply their expertise, networks, internal platforms and data – not only to delivering viable business strategies, but also to creating long-term value for entire populations, systems and countries. UNICEF Innovation focuses on four types of partnerships:
  • Startup companies: identifying and investing in promising startups working on open-source frontier technology solutions that show potential to positively impact the lives of the most vulnerable children.
  • Private sector: convening corporations (such as Arm, Amadeus, Google, Facebook, Telefonica, IBM, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer), designers, entrepreneurs, and other development partners around the intersection of high-growth tech industries and social good.
  • Academic: bringing shared value through the exchange of ideas, joint capacity building and opportunities for applied research. These relationships are about building up a community of practice and practitioners and connecting with a new generation of problem solvers.
  • International agencies and other United Nations entities: serving as a convening force across the United Nations system and among international organizations, co-creating and implementing solutions and leveraging local and global networks.